Hearing Health Tracking in your pocket.

The hearing self-test application for the real life.

Jacoti Hearing Center is a revolutionary self-test hearing application that provides clinically reliable results in real-life environments within minutes using patented technologies.

DuoTone™ is a procedure for the measurement of pure tone audiometric thresholds. This procedure has been devised so the subject can run the test himself independently, i.e. without being controlled or influenced by a test leader.

Jacoti Hearing Center provides hearing aid personalization for Jacoti Listenapp out of the box

  • DuoTone™ patented method
  • Comprehensive Hearing Test takes in about 5 minutes
  • Track your hearing over time.
  • Interoperable with Jacoti Listenapp

Support for Jacoti Hearing Center

Jacoti Hearing Center requires a silent environment for taking the test. So, please avoid places with air conditioning machines, fans and similar noise sources. Jacoti is already working on supporting other headphones, which will allow you to take the test in not so silent places. Stay tuned!

If you have further questions about features or functions, please have a look at our Support page.