HearingKit hearing loss
compensation module

A business-to-business product

Jacoti HearingKit is a proprietary software library that applies hearing loss compensation to audio signals. It offers a C++ Application Programming Interface (API), which is used by all Jacoti products that provide hearing loss compensation and hearing assessment.

At Jacoti we believe that hearing loss compensation and customisation of the audio to the individual needs of the users, should be part of all computer platforms with an audio output.

Jacoti is exploring innovative ways to integrate the HearingKit API into computers, consumer devices and smartphones.

Jacoti has a CE approved Quality Management System (QMS) in place for the design, development, production sales and distribution of software applications for hearing impaired users and hearing expert. (See CE mark and regulatory).

This gives Jacoti the unique ability to help you integrate this API into your products.

If you are a manufacturer of mobile computers, smartphones, car audio system TV’s, home entertainment systems or other computer integrated audio systems and if you are interested to explore or to licence the above technology, please contact us.

A research platform

Call for interest to researchers and research centers

Jacoti is interested in setting up cooperation and collaborative research with researchers and research centers to generate further development of this exciting low latency and real-time hearing aid platform.

As the API is written in C++ we are looking into the implementation of HearingKit in other operating systems. If you have an interest in exploring the above proposal please contact us.

Areas of interest:

  • Fitting and Self-fitting
  • Hearing Assessment
  • Game assisted fitting = game with a purpose (gamification)
  • Stereo microphone input
  • Noise reduction
  • Low latency API integration in other OS
  • Multi microphone usage
  • Remote call centers