“Yes! I can understand what you are saying.”

One of a kind, the world’s first CE approved and USA FDA registered medical device standalone software hearing aid.

Hearing loss is a daily challenge for up to 20% of the world population. For the hearing technology company Jacoti, this is not just a medical problem, but also a consumer challenge. Jacoti aims to make state-of-the-art hearing solutions accessible and affordable for hearing-impaired individuals throughout the world. We are exploring the new and exciting world of mobile health technology and web based health-care services to reach these goals.

Jacoti has pushed the envelope further by integrating Jacoti ListenApp in the core of the iOS system hence allowing all applications using the iOS Inter-App Audio technology—such as Jacoti Lola—and other 3rd party Inter-App Audio compatible applications to have a hearing aid integrated.

Therefore Jacoti offers this first “medical device software hearing aid” free of charge, in order to minimise the entry barriers for first time users and also to help us to optimise our technology.
 Jacoti ListenApp is tested and approved in compliance with the most rigorous medical and technical standards for hearing aids. This guarantees you a safe and efficient usage.
 By registering with the My Jacoti platform users may now synchronize their audiological data across different devices and receive support by hearing experts who can configure Jacoti ListenApp remotely.

Report from the World Health Organization on prevalence of hearing loss

How does Jacoti ListenApp work?

Jacoti ListenApp converts your iPod Touch or iPhone into your hearing support system.

Simply use your Apple earphones to hear voices around you clearer and the sound from applications like music players, podcast applications, voice over ip systems, etc.


Our hearing support system takes your individual hearing difficulties into account. Jacoti ListenApp helps you to cope with difficult listening situations without tiring you with too much amplification.

Music, Voice and much more

Jacoti ListenApp not only acts as a hearing aid (which provides hearing loss compensation to audio coming from the microphone) but also processes audio coming from external applications by making use of Apple’s Inter-App audio technology. Examples of such applications include Jacoti Lola (Assistive Listening Device).


  • Simple to use and suitable for all age ranges
  • Separate sound processing for right and left ear
  • Audiogram-based individual sound processing
  • Low-latency signal processing
  • Sound processing for third-party applications

Jacoti ListenApp's intended use is to amplify and transmit sound to the ear and hereby compensate for impaired hearing. Jacoti ListenApp is indicated for mild to moderate hearing losses. Your audiogram data is used to optimize Jacoti ListenApp for you.

Support for Jacoti ListenApp

If you have further questions about features or functions, please have a look at our support page.