audio streaming

Integrate Lola in your own products

If you are a manufacturer of mobile computers, smartphones, car audio system TV’s, home entertainment systems or other hearing technology company and if you are interested to explore or to licence the above technology, please contact us.

Features and benefits

Low latency and high quality audio: Jacoti Lola offers very low latency and high quality audio broadcast over standard WiFi networks. This means there is no perceptible delay between the lips of the speaker moving and the sound reaching your ears, making the whole experience seamless. Jacoti Lola uses Jacoti HearingKit to provide noise reduction and audio optimization out of the box.

Affordable and serviceable: Jacoti Lola runs on off-the-shelf devices and networks that are easily replaceable. Additionally, as a software-based solution, it is easy to download and can be upgraded seamlessly over the Internet.

Interoperable: Jacoti Lola integrates out-of-the-box with third-party sound systems and applications, and allows you to send not only the voice of a speaker but also any sound produced by the computer it is running on, such as YouTube videos, Skype calls, etc.

Bi-directional: Not only can the speaker send audio to an audience of listeners, but if these listeners also have microphones, Jacoti Lola allows them to send audio to everyone else too.

No configuration: Jacoti Lola works on standard wireless networks so it does not need special network configurations. Setting up a Lola session just requires both listeners and speaker to launch the applications.