“No matter how many we are, I can still understand my teacher”

The first WiFi-based bidirectional assistive listening solution for the classroom

Jacoti Lola is an assistive listening solution for classrooms, meeting rooms, and lecture halls that provides low-latency multi-peer audio streaming over consumer-grade Wi-Fi.

Because audio problems like echo, reverb, and noise are very common in classrooms, meeting rooms, and big conference rooms, even people with no hearing loss can have considerable difficulty understanding speech. Jacoti Lola wirelessly transmits high-quality audio from speaker to listener which can help all listeners hear better.

Jacoti Lola interoperates seamlessly with Jacoti Listenapp , standard hearing aids, cochlear implant speech processors, and the Made for iPhone® hearing aid platform. Jacoti Lola requires a WiFi router with 5 GHz band support.


  • Low Latency and High Quality Audio
  • Bi- directional communication
  • Multimedia and third-party applications support
  • Interoperable with third-party hearing support medical devices

Support for Jacoti Lola

If you have further questions about features or functions, please have a look at our Support page.