“Let's go feel the music!”

What does Jacoti Music do?

Jacoti Music is a music player that benefits from Jacoti ListenApp1 Hearing Loss Compensation. It is a standalone music player that, at user request, makes use of Apple’s Inter-App audio technology so to get the played-back music amplified and individualized to your own hearing loss.

1 Jacoti ListenApp's intended use is to amplify and transmit sound to the ear and hereby compensate for impaired hearing. Jacoti ListenApp is indicated for mild to moderate hearing losses.

Features and benefits

  • Hearing Loss Compensation: Jacoti ListenApp, the first stand-alone regulatory approved hearing aid software, is used by Jacoti Music to adapt the audio to your hearing loss.
  • Inter-App Audio support: plug it into any 3rd-party app that supports this protocol
  • Advanced "Now Playing" queue management: prepare your playlist in advance, and then forget about it!
  • Clear and user-friendly interface.