Your Hearing Profile in the Cloud

Jacoti ListenApp integrates with myJacoti to offer remote fitting and hearing personalization wherever you are and whenever you need it.

What is it?

myJacoti is the web service that allows you to store your audio profiles in the cloud, share them across your devices, and connect to the Hearing Expert of your choice for remote fitting of Jacoti ListenApp.

Fitting is the process by which a hearing expert adapts the parameters related to your hearing loss, so that it “fits” you better than with the default settings.

Default settings have been chosen so they work for most people, but they don't take into account each individual's specificity, so you can consider that fitting is the personalization of Jacoti ListenApp to your own specific hearing loss.

Remote fitting is the process of performing fitting without the physical presence of the hearing expert. In this case, it takes place over the Internet.

What are the benefits of remote fitting?

As a user, remote fitting makes it easier for you to quickly communicate problems to the hearing expert of your choice when they occur. If he is immediately available online, this can lead to near instantaneous feedback and better parameter adjustment. No need to first take an appointment and wait days or weeks.

As a Hearing Expert, the myJacoti platform may help you expand your client-base and be more efficient by using the remote fitting. It also enables you to set the parameters for your patients directly from our web interface. There is no longer a need to install specialised and costly software and hardware.


Global Hearing Identifier: one login for personalizing the user’s audio experience across devices.

Easy linking with hearing expert: Link with the hearing expert of the user’s choice both from the web and from Jacoti ListenApp

Remote fitting: Online instantaneous personalization of Jacoti ListenApp by a Hearing Expert.

Clinical History: Track the evolution of the user’s hearing expert support sessions.

Secure web service API: all from a secured web service. Please see also our privacy policy.

If you are a hearing professional and are interested in knowing more about myJacoti, please contact us and sign up on myJacoti.